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A new fresh and timeless design for Sherco. With a touch of grey and ultra yellow. The name Gjalp, a giantess means the "roar". 

The kit includes: 

Front fender
Rear fender
Shrouds Number plates
Lower Fork guard


We only use the best materials on the market. This makes the mounting easier and the lifespan for the decals will be longer. We are known for the quality of our stickers.

How to install 

Clean the surface using brake cleaner. Dry the surface. Apply the sticker at room temperature.

Peel off the backing paper at one corner and work slowly from one side to the other. Always peel the backing paper away just as you work across the area.

Use a hair dryer to keep the sticker malleable whilst applying. When using the hair dryer do not hold it to close as this may melt the sticker.

Use a soft cloth or soft glove to help massage the sticker onto the surface. If you find bubbles, pop these with a pin, then massage the sticker down onto the surface.